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Skywings goes digital with flightlogger

Skywings selected FlightLogger to support their high-quality flight training with the latest training equipment and technologies.


State-of-the-art management platform

Belgian ATO Skywings went live as country number 31st was added to the FlightLoggers customer map. Implementing FlightLoggers state of the art Flight Training Management platform will reduce paper workflows, improve reporting options and increase transparency for Skywings ATO management releasing time to focus on educating new pilots.

With FlightLogger Skywings integrates and digitizes ATO activities including flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations, and maintenance, as well as certificate, document, and messages management.


Skywings is the newest ATO in Belgium and approved as BE/ATO-020. Operating out of Antwerp Airport in Northern Belgium Skywings offers personalized training and only uses instructors with airline background. The flight school offers a number of different courses including IR, PPL(A), Enroute IR, ATPL theory, ME, Modular CPL, FI, and PBN. Skywings is the first ATO in Belgium to offer FE(A)/IRE(A) with the FIE(A) expected to follow in the near future. The aircraft fleet consists of the Diamond DA42 Twin Star, Diamond DA40 TDI, Cessna 172, Cessna 150 Aerobat and the Diamond DA42 FNPT II simulator.

FlightLogger is proud of its new Belgian client and looks forward to providing Skywings staff and students with an excellent digital experience.

New Airline Pilot Training Program

With a new Airline Pilot Training Program Skywings aim to combine a high level of training, many training hours and good ‘aftercare’ to provide aspiring pilots with the most ideal cocktail to find a job as a First Officer. The program has extensive and intensive preliminary screening and extra theoretical and practical training. Here the impressive offer of 290 hours of flight training stands out as this incredibly high number of training hours is more than 35% above the regulatory minimum and lays the foundation for education top-level pilots!

Fully digital with FlightLogger

After making the decision to go digital with FlightLogger Skywings quickly gathered relevant business information, which was added to the Flight Training Management platform by FlightLogger staff. A two-day training session onsite at Skywings headquarters in mid-Jan was followed by a go-live on Jan 23rd. Going into February Skywings will now be providing a full digital experience for all employees, students, and management.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software and therefore handles the implementation of business information on the platform letting the ATO/AOC focus on providing a good service. We currently have 70 ATOs going digital with that approach proving that a digital transformation is achievable in a limited timeframe.

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