Our mission

Our mission is to train airline-ready pilots using the best available materials, instructors, and infrastructure in a modern airline environment from day 1.

Safety culture

Skywings always puts safety first. The school is structured similarly to a large airline, where safety is priority number 1. Practically speaking, this means our planes are both modern and well maintained, and we promote a culture where everyone—managers, instructors, and students alike—is responsible for keeping things safe.

Respect, communication and transparency

Skywings welcomes anyone who meets the minimum requirements and passes the selection tests. We don’t discriminate based on race, faith, or sexuality. This means we have a highly varied group of students (men and women), unified in their diversity. Communication is key, as well, and we expect our students to inform us of any problems as soon as possible, or simply talk to us if they’re just looking to vent. The Skywings team is dedicated to being as accessible as possible and is always available for a chat, both to its students and their parents. Next to that, we are fully transparent, meaning every student has the right to consult his or her training records.

Growth mindset

We expect our students and instructors to take feedback to heart and to use it constructively. It’s important to be realistic and self-critical, taking your weaknesses—but also your strengths—into account. After a training flight, students will be debriefed and presented with some specific focus points and strengths. Students having trouble during their training can receive additional guidance from our student coach, among others.


We care about our community. We show this by being open and accessible, and by stimulating student connections. Students are expected to consider their fellow students as colleagues, not competitors. Thanks to our buddy system and student council, we’re able to strengthen student relations even further, as well as through the various events organized by Skywings every year. This serves as your first step towards building a network, which will help your career in the future.

We train airline-ready pilots using the best available materials, instructors, and infrastructure in a modern environment from day 1.

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