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155 hours

Entry requirements

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Price (incl. VAT)

€ 11750
Examination fees, landing fees* and BCAA fees not included.
Our very experienced Flight Instructor Instructors will train you up to a very high standard in both theoretical teaching and flight instruction. We are committed to high quality training using latest technology such as debriefing with in-flight video and intercom recordings and GPS tracker.


40h 'Teaching & Learning'

85h Classroom teaching and pre/post flight briefings

Flight Training

30h Flight Training of which:

  • 5h mutual training with other FI candidates
  • 1h Spin training

Entry requirements

At least a CPL(A)

or PPL(A) with Theory CPL(A) + 200h Total Time and 150h as PIC

Medical Class 1 or 2

Passed pre-entry flight test at Skywings

Valid SEP(L) rating

Valid ELP: English Language Proficiency


€ 11750

Examination fees, landing fees* and BCAA fees not included.

*70% reduction possible on landing fees Antwerp via Skywings.

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What impressed me immediately on my first day, was the staff's professionalism and especially their motivation. With decades of experience working in commercial airlines, each and every instructor is able to transform students into professional, skilled pilots. By communicating openly, they've managed to create the perfect atmosphere that both stimulates hard work and allows students to really enjoy each flight. They're the best school around!

Arnaud Cherlet
Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

Ever since I first contacted Skywings, I noticed their highly professional, direct, and expert way of communicating. Throughout the training, their expert instructors make sure students feel appreciated and prepare them, step by step, for the professional pilot's life. And they even go to the extra mile by offering professional guidance while you're out hunting for your first job in a cockpit.

Anton Van Steenbergen
Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

I enjoyed my Skywings training a lot. They don't just offer best-in-class training, but professional guidance by airport industry players as well. They make you feel appreciated and give you the chance to develop yourself and to become the best version of yourself, both professionally and personally. There's a relaxed atmosphere, where you can just be yourself in a fun, friendly environment.

Frederic Dewandel
Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

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