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Skywings, an international flight school in the heart of Belgium

21 - 09 - 2022

Aviation is not limited to country borders and so is pilot training. Skywings is a flight school located in the heart of Belgium but welcomes students from anywhere in Europe. Our school currently has Finnish, French, Dutch and Belgian students who are united in their motivation to become an airline pilot.

English is the main language in aviation: aircraft manuals, airline procedures, air traffic control conversations are all conducted in English across the world. Therefore all our communication, books, manuals and instruction are all in English. We hope to further diversify our student population over the years by welcoming them in an international environment whilst showing them the beauty and fun of our little Belgium.

Follow Sacha’s story in the video above, a student-pilot at Skywings who’s halfway through his flight training. Sacha is from Liege, a native French speaker and chose to follow flight training with us and is immersed in an international environment whilst living in the middle of the Antwerp city buzz.

Pieter Brantegem

Pieter Brantegem

Safety Manager

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