Skywings Flight Training is the first training provider in Belgium to offer the FE(A) / IRE(A) training courses.  The training is conducted at Antwerp Airport in our brand new classroom.  At this moment, only the FE(A) and IRE(A) course is approved by the BCAA.  The FIE(A) course will follow in the near future.

All applicants considering becoming an FE(A) / IRE(A) shall apply, via Skywings Flight Training, to the BCAA at first.  If the applicant’s qualifications and experience meet the Part FCL requirements, then the BCAA will send a letter or e-mail to state if you are allowed to start the FE(A) or IRE(A) course.   The applicant will be assessed throughout the course as well as during the assessment of competence.

The FE(A) training consists of a 2 day theoretical course, the so called “core course”.
Afterwards, flight training consists of 2 training flights followed by a real skill test or proficiency check.

The IRE(A) training cosists of 1 day of theory, followed by 4 missions flight training.

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