Your training will have a modular structure. This means the complete Airline pilot training will be conducted in various smaller sections.

You start in the USA, where you will train for your PPL: the private pilot license. Flying in the USA has various advantages: it is less expensive and the weather is nearly always perfect to fly, which ensures you will make progress quickly at the beginning of your training.

Skywings Flight Training works in close cooperation with PEA, Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, Florida. PEA is known as one of the finest aviation educational facilities and is one of only seven U.S. flight academies that is both a nationally accredited and internationally recognized flight academy. Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, PEA offers FAA approved courses for International and U.S. students planning careers as professional airline pilots.

Once on location, you will immediately start with the theoretical aspects, however, within just two weeks at PEA, you will be flying at the controls of one of PEA’s modern fleet of aircraft taking your first aviation lesson. Due to its favorable southerly geographic location PEA also has the distinct advantage of enjoying great weather year-round, enabling student pilots to fly around 345 days a year. Theory and flying are combined as much as possible to ensure that everything you learn can immediately be put into actual practice as well.

Following the successful completion of the training to obtain your ‘private pilot license’, you will start a training to fly at night and you will complete the 65 hours ‘time building’. This is a legal requirement, during which you will be the sole person to implement various navigation flights on board throughout Florida. An experience of a lifetime!

In total, you will be in the USA for a period of four months, during which you will complete 120 flying hours.