Our very experienced Flight Instructor Instructors will train you up to a very high standard in both theoretical teaching and flight instruction.  We are committed to high quality training using latest technology such as debriefing with in-flight video and intercom recordings and GPS tracker.

Pre-entry requirements:

  • At least a CPL(A) – or PPL(A) with Theory CPL(A) + 200h Total Time and 150h as PIC
  • Medical Class 1 or 2
  • Passed pre-entry flight test at Skywings
  • Valid SEP(L) rating
  • Valid ELP: English Language Proficiency


  • 40h ‘Teaching & Learning’
  • 85h Classroom teaching and pre/post flight briefings

Flight Training

  • 30h Flight Training of which:
    – 5h mutual training with other FI candidates
    – 1h Spin training


  • 10.950€ VAT included
  • All inclusive except:
    • Examination fees
    • Landing fees
    • Belgian CAA fees
  • 70% reduction possible on landing fees Antwerp via Skywings


More info: office@skywings.be