Join Skywings Flight Training to get your Commercial Pilot License!
Go back to the VFR basics with VFR precision navigation, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training and end your training with advanced VFR manoeuvres in the DA42!


Pre-entry requirements:

  • PPL(A) with Theory ATPL(A) 150h Total Time
  • Medical Class 1
  • Night VFR Rating
  • Valid SEP(L) and MEP(L) rating
  • Valid ELP: English Language Proficiency



  • 1 Long Briefing CPL


Flight Training

  • 15h Flight Training of which:
    – 9h C150 Advanced VFR
    – 1h Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
    – 5h DA42 Advanced VFR



  • 7.950€ incl VAT
  • All inclusive except:
    • Examination fees
    • Landing fees
    • Belgian CAA fees
  • 70% reduction possible on landing fees Antwerp via Skywings

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