The screening is a first very important step to become an airline pilot. After all, would it not be extremely frustrating if after such a hefty investment (without prior screening) you would be confronted with the fact that the level of your training is not adequate for most airlines? This is why we, at Skywings, take this screening extremely serious. In order to be accepted to our Airline Pilot training, you must have successfully passed the following steps of our screening:



This test will take about 1,5 hours and immediately provides a realistic view on some of the most important characteristics a pilot must comply with. The test includes the following items:

  • eye-hand and eye-foot coordination;
  • multitasking;
  • three-dimensional insight;
  • memory test;
  • orientation skills;
  • mathematical insight.



If you passed the compass test successfully, a test in the simulator will be next. This will prove whether you have sufficient skills to learn new techniques and will provide insight in your level of coordination and agility.



Technical and motorial skills are not the only important characteristics. Your personality will also contribute to whether you will or will not be successful during the training and as a pilot once you successfully completed your training. This personality test will be a list of questions which will require about forty-five minutes to complete. The results will be compared with the results of steps 1 and 2 of this screening. If you are successful on all these three steps, you will be invited for the next step.



This test was developed to test how well the candidate masters the English language. English is the language of communication in aviation. Most of the training will be in the English language, which is why this step is a very important part of the screening.

With prior approval of each candidate, the results of steps 1 to 4 of all candidates who passed these tests successfully will be forwarded to our partner airline, Flying Group.



The fifth step involves an interview, held by our selection team.


The cost for the compass test (step 1 in the full screening) is € 95 including VAT. If you pass this compass test successfully, the costs related to all next steps of the screening will be for the account of Skywings.

All successful candidates will also be subjected to an EASA and FAA medical examination prior to the start of the training.