Finding a job as a pilot when you have just finished training is not easy. At the moment there are 400 qualified pilots looking for work in Belgium alone. In the Netherlands, that number is even higher with 1,200 looking for a position. Keep on applying is the only way… But then when you do get an interview with an airline company, it’s a matter of distinguishing yourself from all the other applicants. If you don’t perform as well as your ‘competitors’ at that very moment, you have thrown your chance away…
This is why we have put together a few programmes for you to keep your flying skills up to scratch relatively cheaply.

Choose the programme below that suits you best:

After care programme
We have developed this programme to make sure both your flying skills and theoretical knowledge remain perfectly up to scratch!

Proficiency checks
All-in-one programme to keep your ratings valid.

Job Application Training
Learn some skills for the perfect interview!


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