Why choose the Skywings Flight training to become an airline pilot?

  • 300 hours of flight training, 40% above the regulatory minimum! By training more hours than the minimum required flying hours as a standard, we can lift our students to the top. Moreover, in the event the training does not progress as anticipated, the chance that you should pay for more hours outside the total package is small…
  • Each Skywings instructor is active or has been active as a Captain or First Officer at an aviation company, meaning their experience is of added value to the training!
  • Aerobatics: boost your self-confidence and bring your flying skills to an even higher level with these five hours of Aerobatics training!
  • The initial Skywings screening is intense, only 20% to 30% of the candidates will be able to start the training. However, this guarantees the hefty investment will not be without results: the possibility to successfully complete the training and to find a job quickly as a pilot is significant, thanks to the extensive initial screening!
  • Aftercare: five hours in the FNPT II simulator per month + unlimited use of the procedure trainer after the training to keep your skills up to date and to be, at all times, prepared for a simulator screening during a possible application.
  • Flying Group First Officer programme (optional): immediate allocation of a spot on the waiting list of our partner airline (Flying Group) following the successful completion of the training, if you were selected for the waiting list prior to the start of the training.

Hour building program (optional): if you wish, you can start a practical training program at a Belgian aviation company for the period of one year following the successful completion of the training.