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The programme

The pilot career program of 2 years follows a set order with theoretical and practical lessons. The theory training takes place in Antwerp, the practical training takes place in Antwerp and in our winter base near Alicante in Spain. Usually, students will be occupied 5 to 6 days a week with their training but the school operates 7 days a week. The buildup of airline pilot training has 2 main elements: ATPL (airline transport pilot license) theoretical training and practical flight training which is a combination of actual flight training and simulator training. Classroom training is organized with your class group, for practical training, you are paired with a flight buddy of your class group.

More information about the training and a detailed program can be found in our brochure.

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    Year 1

    ATPL theory training

    Your first year at Skywings is concentrated around building a strong knowledge foundation. You will receive theory classroom training from experienced airline pilots and go through 14 subjects such as aerodynamics, communications, navigation, air law. The classroom training is supplemented with computer-based training modules. For every course, you will make several progress tests, preparing you for the official exams. These exams are organized in 3 blocks, spread throughout the first year. All subjects have minimum pass rate of 75%.

    The first solo flight comes quicker than you think: you will take off and land the airplane for the first time without an instructor. It’s an exciting experience I will never forget.

    Cathline Corthout – Skywings Student

    Year 2

    Practical flight training

    The second year revolves completely around your practical flight training. You learn the basics on a single-engine airplane: climbing, descending, turning, taking off, landing. After about 20 flying hours with your instructor, you will already fly solo for the first time.

    After that, you will refine your flying skills and perform many solo hours in different conditions. You will also learn how to rely solely on your instruments.

    You will learn how to fly with our multi-engine airplane which is a lot faster and has a retractable gear. After obtaining your Commercial Pilot License you will proceed to the advanced UPRT training followed by our APS-MCC training in out.

    Advanced flight training

    Instrument flight training

    Multi-engine flight training

    Commercial Pilot License practical exam

    Advanced UPRT


    Enhanced APS-MCC sessions

    Interview training


    After your APS-MCC, you have all the required licenses to apply for an airline, but we don’t stop there.

    Cliff Cop – Skywings CEO


    We help you land your first airline job!

    After graduation, you are automatically enrolled into our unique after care program allowing to keep your skills and licenses up for free. We renew your licenses with an annual check one year after graduation, keeping your licenses valid for another 2 years after graduating. Secondly, you can return to our school every month to train in our Airbus simulator with an instructor and keep your skills up. This way, while applying for your first airline job, you don’t have to worry about expiring licenses or losing your flying skills.

    I am very pleased to have been able to do my training at Skywings. What immediately struck me is the transparency and maturity that I was looking for in my training. The communication came across as genuine and this has remained throughout my training. At Skywings they do not settle for average but strive to bring out the best in you and fully support you in achieving this.

    Simon Lemmens
    Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

    Skywings is an all-around great flight school with a great campus, fleet, simulators and amazing instructors that are all pilots with experience as commercial pilots. Their teachings provided us the perspective of experienced pilots in both Captain and First Officer positions, both of which I still use in my decision making on a daily basis!

    Tibo Swaelens
    Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

    What impressed me immediately on my first day, was the staff's professionalism and especially their motivation. With decades of experience working in commercial airlines, each and every instructor is able to transform students into professional, skilled pilots. By communicating openly, they've managed to create the perfect atmosphere that both stimulates hard work and allows students to really enjoy each flight. They're the best school around!

    Arnaud Cherlet
    Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

    Ever since I first contacted Skywings, I noticed their highly professional, direct, and expert way of communicating. Throughout the training, their expert instructors make sure students feel appreciated and prepare them, step by step, for the professional pilot's life. And they even go to the extra mile by offering professional guidance while you're out hunting for your first job in a cockpit.

    Anton Van Steenbergen
    Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

    I enjoyed my Skywings training a lot. They don't just offer best-in-class training, but professional guidance by airport industry players as well. They make you feel appreciated and give you the chance to develop yourself and to become the best version of yourself, both professionally and personally. There's a relaxed atmosphere, where you can just be yourself in a fun, friendly environment.

    Frederic Dewandel
    Airbus A320 First Officer, Brussels Airlines

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    Can I become a pilot?
    Our philosophy
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