Certified Partner school of European Flight Academy

Skywings Flight Training is proud to be the first partner flight school of European Flight Academy (EFA). EFA is the flight school of the Lufthansa Group and trains ab-initio pilots in Germany, Switzerland and the United States to fulfil the pilot needs in the Lufthansa Group Airlines.

Skywings, a Certified Partner school of European Flight Academy

Students at Skywings will have the opportunity to join the EFA Campus and apply for open cockpit jobs in the Lufthansa Group, whenever positions are not filled by EFA graduates.

How our students benefit

Access as a ready-entry-prioritized candidate into the EFA Campus to get into the Lufthansa Group cockpit jobs

Highest quality guaranteed by Lufthansa Aviation Training audit

Increase your chances to land a pilot position with a major airline

First, the recognition as a partner school guarantees the quality of the flight training as Skywings is closely monitored by training experts of Lufthansa Aviation Training. This means that our training programs, instructors, and equipment fulfil a level of quality that is high above the legal minimum standards.
Second, student pilots at Skywings who have successfully completed their training, enjoy exclusive access as ready-entry-applicants to the virtual pilot job market of the Lufthansa Group. 6 Months before graduation, Skywings students will be able to apply for jobs within the Lufthansa Group, if they meet the minimum requirements.

We have chosen Skywings as they have an airline-focussed, quality based training concept which fulfils all requirements of a high-class pilot training.

Allan Dussmann
Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Schools

Quality label

Ever since we started our training program, we believe in keeping high standards for our school, equipment and staff. To become a partner school, Skywings Flight Training is continuously monitored by experts of Lufthansa Aviation Training for training quality, equipment, safety records etc. Therefore we are very proud to obtain this quality label which will allow us to keep our standards high and continue to improve our training program and service in the years to come.

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