We are introducing our new Airline pilot training, which features a total different and unprecedented approach. In a nutshell:

  • extensive and intensive preliminary screening;
  • more theoretical and practical training hours;
  • more detailed Multi Crew Course as a preparation for your first type rating.

The first item – the preliminary screening – could possibly be the most important and was most neglected in the past fifteen years, with all that entails. To maximise the chance to land a job following the training, we take this step very serious. Only 20% to 30% of all candidates involved in our screening proved to be successful. Combine this with the high level of training, many training hours and good ‘aftercare’ and, once you successfully completed the training, you will have the most ideal cocktail to find a job as a First Officer quickly and without any problem.

The screening is intense. However, those who pass the screening, will experience this to be rewarding:

  • 310 hours of flight training: this incredibly high number of training hours ensures that we will transform you into a top-level pilot!

This includes:

  1. FAA PPL & hours building in Daytona Beach FL, US
  2. EASA PPL conversion in EBAW, Belgium
  3. CPL/ME/IR training at Antwerp Airport on C172, DA40 & DA42 with Garmin G500 & G1000 Glass cockpit
  4. UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) on Extra 300 aerobatic airplane
  5. 48hrs MCC/JOC course on Boeing B737
  6. Airlines interview training – Be ready for your first job!
  7. After care program: unlimited use of our procedure trainer after completion of the program + 5h FNPT II simulator to keep your skills at a high level!