Since April 2016, the possibility to fly RNP (GPS) approaches is regulated by EASA document EU 2016/539.  This means that every IR rated pilot needs to be trained to fly such approaches.



This training needs to be followed by every IR rated pilot; latest by August 2020



The course will consist of 1 day of theoretical training and 1 session in our FNPT II.

  1. Theory: 1 day with following subjects:
    Morning: GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System
    Afternoon: PBN – Performance Based Navigation  + Garmin G1000 integration.
  2. Flight Training: 1 Simulator session FNPT II.
    At least 5 RNP approaches will need to be flown.  All possible variations in landing minima will be covered, including failures.  (LPV – LNAV/VNAV – LNAV)

After this training you’ll receive a certificate of training completion.  The examination afterwards can be combined with the yearly IR profcheck, or a separate check can be organized on our FNPT II simulator.


Course date

Theory:  Exact date to be determined, contact us for more info
Flight Training: To be determined afterwards on individual basis



Price: 599€ incl VAT
The above price includes both theoretical and flight training; and excludes examination.


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